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Miracle Tea Recovery Creme 1.5 oz

Miracle Tea Recovery Creme 1.5 oz

JUARA Skincare
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Help your skin regain strength and recover from stress and signs of pre-mature aging. This rich, silky cream addresses all signs of pre-mature aging, as well as improves retention of moisture from within and boosts recovery from environmental stress. Skin will look and feel more resilient, smoother, more even-toned and calm.

Our Miracle Tea Recovery Creme features a highly active combination of botanicals, while being suitable for sensitive skin. Key ingredients include a unique plant-derived and highly stable Bio-Retinol which mimics Retinol’s proven anti-aging while being safe for sensitive skin and day-time wear. Kombucha, also known as “Miracle Tea” in Indonesia, increases radiance, while stabilized Vitamin C helps brighten and arm skin with long-lasting antioxidant benefits. Ginger, one of the most important staples in Indonesian Jamu, boosts skin’s own recovery process after exposure to environmental stress. Colubrina Bark rounds out this power package by improving skin hydration from deep within.

After only a few applications, you will notice an increase in skin smoothness, Radiance, plumpness, and firmness.

Alcohol-free. Oil-free. No added fragrance. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and blemish-prone skin.


Apply a dime-sized amount AM and PM (especially PM) to face and neck after cleansing with JUARA Rice Facial Cleanser and applying Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner and Clove Flower & Turmeric Anti-Aging Serum. While this moisturizer is safe to be applied around the eyes, for best results, spare the eye area and treat it with our Miracle Tea Complete Eye Crème.